Winners Circle Tutoring

Winners Circle Tutoring Program: Where No One Loses! (Ages 5-25)
Our method of teaching involves encouraging a partnership between parents, teachers, and tutors, in order to:

    • Facilitate the integration of material learned in school within our lessons.
    • Provide parents with progress reports and resources to help their child at home.
    • Create a circle of communication and support for the student.

What you can expect when partnering with us:

    • A team of dedicated staff composed of certified teachers and highly qualified tutors with extensive knowledge and practice.
    • A staff determined to help students reach new levels of academic achievement they never thought possible.
    • A wide selection of academic enhancement services, including test preparation for entrance exams, subject reviews, and homework assistance.
    • Personalized attention, including one-to-one and group tutoring.
    • A comprehensive orientation to familiarize the student and parents with the program.

We achieve your goals by:

    • Finding areas of study that need improvement by administering a Winner’s Circle entrance exam.
    • Creating an individually-tailored program to meet the student’s particular needs.
    • Devising an individualized, detailed syllabus to keep the student up to date on lessonsand assignments.
    • Administering mock tests to gain insight into a student’s progress, areas that need furtherimprovement, and levels of test-taking anxiety.
    • Providing weekly refreshers to reinforce previously learned material.
    • Providing organizational, material management, and test taking tips.

Better Grades Are Just Around The Corner. You’ll See!