Our organization started more then a year ago with a purpose.

Coalition For Community Action And Reform (CFCAAR) was formed to offer socio-economically compromised youths and adults community-based growth opportunities. As an organization, we seek to alleviate the stigma associated with underrepresented and disadvantaged populations through their successful exposure to our programs.  To that end we have developed and tailored our services to provide community members with the necessary tools to excel personally, academically, and professionally.

CFCAAR is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit community development organization committed to addressing the root causes of community deterioration and degradation.

All donations made to our organization are tax deductible.


We started because there was a need not only in our community but in many others that lack nurturing services and opportunities.


Were taking the necessary steps to initiate our programs and spread the word of our organization.


We work with the members in our community to get feedback on our planned projects.



To serve and improve communities that are underrepresented and economically unstable.



Setting a foundation on which to achieve our mission. Our 7 pillars focus on:



Create a motivating and supportive environment that encourages and strengthens members in the community by:

  • Providing guidance, mentorship and financial assistance to support and promote enrollment in institutions of higher learning;
  • Raising academic performance with supplemental educational programs during and outside school hours;
  • Promoting healthy and active lifestyles with engaging activities that teach discipline, self-discovery, and mental focus;
  • Establishing a Wellness Center that provides a variety of caregivers and providers for well-rounded treatment.
  • Increasing services in the community that deter youth involvement in risky behaviors;
  • Assisting senior citizens with everyday tasks such as laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking meals;
  • Creating opportunities where children and their families can come together to communicate and develop better relationships in a stress free and fun atmosphere;
  • Surveying and acting as advisors for our Community Program Approved Network Participants to ensure the effectiveness and quality of services provided to students;
  • Deploying a strong Workforce via skill training, resume assistance, work attire, and job interview preparation;
  • Providing assistance and support to local businesses of the area with the necessary tools to allow them the opportunity to grow;
  • Preserving and enriching the community by protecting the importance of past and existing culture;
  • Bringing jobs into the community to increase the local economy cash flow;
  • Encouraging local hiring to benefit neighborhood residents by decreasing unemployment and increasing financial security;
  • Strengthening members of the community by educating them on the past to empower them for better decision making in the future;
  • Improving and Enhancing living conditions by assisting with home repairs and renovations to create a healthy and sustainable community where growth and prosperity of its members are possible;
  • Rehabilitating and restoring homes and businesses to preserve and memorialize the history of the community;
  • Developing Affordable Housing while creating a comprehensive and strategic community plan to create a profitable and unified architectural appearance of a more established neighborhood;
  • Protecting members who are at risk of displacement or rent de-stabilization;
  • Assisting with relocation of residents from homes that need substantial amounts of repairs to facilitate access and decrease the time the space is unoccupied;
  • Reducing crime with tools that allow residents to speedily file complaints in a safe and anonymous manner;
  • Addressing public health issues on sanitation and pest control to significantly reduce unsanitary and unsafe living conditions.