Time For Change


01 October 2017

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Time For Change

1989, while in the Hylan Projects play ground a shoot out broke out that left Crystal-lee and her grandmother Margarita caught in the middle of crossfire.  Everyone in the park ran except Margarita who tried desperately to get Crystal-lee’s attention.  Luckily Margarita was able to pull Crystal-Lee off the monkey bars and run for cover inside their high-rise home.  Crystal-lee and Margarita both came out living and breathing that day but not every story has a happy ending.

2015, April 2nd Mario Lopez an 18-year-old resident of Bushwick Houses was out with his three friends watching a basketball tournament in Marcy Houses.  While watching the game they were approached by 21-year-old Brandon Reese who shot at the small group of kids nine times killing Mario Lopez.

“Incidents like this are not coincident or rare.  They occur because of little to no programs and after school offerings within the community.”

Without alternative outlets young adults turn to crews and gangs for security and sense of belonging.