Mentor & Guidance

Our guidance services aim to offer students a variety of resources needed for them to thrive academically and professionally. CFCAAR only selects counselors who are highly motivated and show a strong desire to help foster the future success of today’s youths and young adults.

Our initiatives include:

    • Identifying and assessing student needs.
    • Offering personal, academic, and professional support, guidance, counseling, andencouragement
    • Exploring the strengths, attributes, and interests of the student to help themidentify future career options.
    • Assistance with financial planning.
    • Reinforcing the concept of faith in one’s own abilities.
    • Helping the student to develop result-oriented strategies to meet their objectives.
    • Helping the student to identify applicable, real world solutions to personal issues.
    • To assist the student in developing an optimistic, focus-driven outlook on life, soas to promote positive relationships and sound decision making.

Our primary goal is to develop knowledgeable and confident individuals by helping them acquire the academic and professional skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century.